Yamidoo Theme Featured Content Image Slider Fix

Yamidoo Magazine Theme is one of the popular wordpress theme to give your blog a professional and fresh look. However, one of the common problem encoutered by Yamidoo theme users is that the Featured Content Gallery doesn’t slide automatically.

A simple tweak below can fix this bug and make the Featured Content Gallery on the Yamidoo Theme sliding

Open the Main Index File: /wp-content/themes/yamidoo/index.php
(assuming that you have uploaded the theme under yamidoo folder)

Search for these 2 lines (somewhere near line number 36 on index.php file):

Right BEFORE these two lines, add this line:

If you want to control the autoslider, in your header.php file, there is one such line:
autorotateconfig: [1000, 0]

The first value (default: 1000) controls the speed (in miliseconds). 1000 = 1 second.
The second value (default: 0) controls how many cycles the slider should have. If you leave it 0 – it will autoslide over and over again, an infinite amount of times.

Popularity: 38% [?]

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