Exploring Google Analytics- Hidden Gems

Part 1. Tracking Unique visitors to a Subdirectory

At times, you may need to track the traffic on a particular subdirectory. Say for example you started some new campaign or mini website at /campaign/ subdirectory and want to analyse the traffic to this particular directory.

Here is the solution for Google Analytics users

In order to track visitors to a particular subdirectory, create a new profile by choosing the option “Add a Profile for an existing domain” and name this profile as say “sitename/campaign”

Then go to Profile Settings and Add a new Filter

Filter Type: Include only Traffic to a Subdirectory
Subdirectory: ^/campaign/

**replace campaign with your directory name

That’s all. You are done!

Your this newly created profile will track traffic to your subdirectory only

Note: When you add a profile for an existing domain, the tracking code for the new profile will be identical to the original profile’s code, so data will be imported simultaneously into both profiles. You won’t need to change the tracking code on your site, and any filters applied only to the second profile won’t affect data in the first.

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