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Backup All of your MySQL Databases using AutoMySQLBackup

If you have a WHM account and manage several accounts/websites under it, taking a backup of ALL of the MySQL Databases get simplified with AutoMySQLBackup. Here is how to go: Download a copy of AutoMySQLBackup from Automatic Installation 1. … Continue reading

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Compress a Folder in Linux using Command line

To create a .gz archive of a directory and its sub-directories tar -cvzf filename.tar.gz directory_to_compress/ To extract the compressed file, replace -cvzf with -xvzf To create a .zip acrhive zip -r folder_to_zip

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Godaddy Dedicated/ VDS Hosting – Login as Root

Quite sometime you may want to login as root to administer your Dedicated or Virtual Dedicated server. Godaddy doesn’t allow you to directly login as “root”. You can however, easily turn on “root” user on your Godaddy server 1. Login … Continue reading

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Linux : Copy files directly between two remote servers

Imagine you want to switch to a new dedicated server and your current website size is say 5 GB. It becomes really cumbersome to first download the entire website to your local PC and then upload it to your new … Continue reading

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