The Power Backup. Is it really?

For a business like mine which greatly depends on Internet and IT, the key backbone to the business infrastructure is “power backup.” Can you imagine seeing hundreds of your employee sitting idle waiting for their PCs to boot up again? When it comes to power backup for IT systems, the most effective business solution is online UPS.

Selecting an Online UPS was not an easy task for me and a lot of research and studies landed me at 3EM Power Technologies, a Delhi based manufacturer of Online UPS. Their sales person Mr Amit Saxena was very prompt to visit our office and guided us to sum up our requirements. After evaluation of my power requirements, I ordered a 5KVA online ups with 12x45AH batteries from 3EM Power.

The show was running fine until one day I realized that the UPS backup was not at par which I expected.  As per the calculations and my UPS configuration (and my purchase order), a 5 KVA UPS should be able to take a load of 4 KW for atleast 2 hours. However, my UPS is now giving me a backup of barely 1 hour that too with just 2KVA load?

I called up Mr Amit Saxena and he was polite enough to register a complaint with their customer care department. When I didn’t hear anything from the customer care, I made a followup call. The customer service executive didn’t sound any professional and was listening to my complaint just like a “sarkari babu”. Anyhow, he assured me that the service engineer would visit the place the next day, which of course didn’t. I again made a follow up call at the customer care and got the same cold assurance. The next day, I called up Mr Amit, and was totally disgusted when he told me that the service engineer has already attended my complaint which he sure knew didn’t. He then tried to give me false assurance that he would look into it and the problem would be attended at the earliest.

Now, it has been 2 weeks since I raised the complaint but no one is bothered to attend. What can I do as a customer? My customer rights do allow me to knock the doors of Consumer Court if I can’t find any other alternative to get job done. That would be long battle then. The reason I am sharing my “Power” story online is to alert the other users to be very careful choosing their “Power” backup system.

I am not surprised with the quality of post sales service and support in India, neither it is my first such experience. But being into customer service business I feel concerned for my customers and expect the same as a customer from my service providers.


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