Custom User Registration Plugins for WordPress

I have been trying hard to find an easy way out to add custom registration field to the WordPress default registration form.

I recommend the following wordpress plugin to customize, add custom fields, manage user registration, moderate user registration and edit the default email sent to the new registered users.

1. Cimy User Extra Fields
This plugin gives you the power to add custom fields to your wordpress registration form. You also get the choice to add different data types like text box, select box, radio button, text area etc with quite a few validation options.

Cimy User Extra Fields also unleashes the hidden registration fields that come with wordpress default registration form.


2. Approve New Users

You can moderate New User Registration with this plugin. It adds another option “Approve New Users” under “Users” settings menu.


3. New User Email Setup

New User Email Setup plugin lets you customize the default email sent to the new users upon registration. You can customize the email text, sender name, sender email and subject too. What’s more, you can even send HTML email!


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