eUttaranchal Matrimonial Service

eUttaranchal Matrimonial is among the very first projects that I started developing 5 years back.

eUttaranchal Matrimonial is a complete Online Matrimonial Service where members can register and create their matrimonial profile and communicate with other registered members. Unlike other Matrimonial websites, eUttaranchal Matrimonial is 100% FREE with NO PAID MEMBERSHIP. All the features are available free of cost including the sharing of Contact Details, if allowed by the individual member through his/her privacy settings.

eUttaranchal Matrimonial currently a regional matrimonial website with over 7000 profiles and over 400 success stories running successfully under the flagship of eUttaranchal. Excited with the success of this mini project, I am planning to release a global version of eUttaranchal Matrimonial sooner.

Features of eUttaranchal Matrimonial

1. Various Search Options including Quick Search, Advanced Search, City Search, Community Search, Profession Search, Photo Search

2. Easier to create profile and communicate with members

3. Individual Privacy settings allow users to share or hide their contact details

4. Email Alerts are sent to the members when they recieve a message from other member

5. Photo albums allow users to upload more than one photo in their profile

Click here to know more about the other features of eUttaranchal Matrimonial.

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